Are you looking for something fun and memorable to add to your event?

Remember the photobooths where you try and squeeze all your friends into the tiny booth, make ridiculously funny poses,  and then "rock paper scissors"  who will keep the masterpiece, after waiting for it to print, only to lose it before you get home?

Well...with PHOTOS & PROPS...I bring the Props, the backdrop and the Camera, provide ONLINE next day viewing on my website,  and you bring the guests...It's a perfect match!

With PHOTOS & PROPS..Your guests can squeeze as many people in their photos that will fit in my camera in an OPEN SPACE! Your guests will choose from a wide variety of props, including personalized signs, wigs, hats, boas, oversized glasses, lamp shade, talk bubbles..., in fact, the inventory is ever changing...the scenarios are endless, and I take as many hilarious photos as your guests desire.

The following day... your guests can view, download and share all of the images from the event. It's like being there all over again, making memories to last a lifetime :) EASY CHEESY!! Did I say Cheesy? You BETCHA!!  LOL :)


2 HR Package - $500 includes 2 custom prop signs

3 HR Package - $650 includes 3 custom prop signs

4 HR Package - $800 includes 4 custom prop signs

Please allow  an additional hour to setup/take down props which is non-billable.   

Did I tell you about the complimentary photo book?

3 HR or above packages include a photographer's thank you gift of a professionally designed photo book filled with  photos from the event.

Please contact me for booking, and down payment information to reserve your special day. or 610-505-2962. 

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